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So erm... this... this is part of the Hallowing celebration, right? 'Cause I seem to be glowing, and it's not the Avatar State. I even checked.

Hey, Katara - did they get you, too?

#8 - Ash

[A quiet one-sided conversation can be heard.]

It's a lot more confusing than I thought it would be. I know - apparently he was here, too. Then people leave. I've even left before, then came back, according to Katara - I know she is, you don't have to point it out - so when people come back, they're --- wait, did you hear that? What...

Hello? Who's ---

[This is the scream of a very frightened Aang.]

#7 - Wiseman

I... I don't understand how this is possible. No - I AM keeping an open mind, but you can't be here. Could you really......?

Look - look at the room I made! I know earthbending now. I know it's not a very good copy, but I got the important parts, here, see? - with the walls, and... I stopped the war. Our world can heal now. I wanted to be there to help it, but I can't leave this place.

And I kept our traditions. I didn't kill him.

Are you... proud of me?

#6 - Slide.

Hey, um, everyone -- if everyone can hear this --

I made

So... now you don't need to be so bored all the time! They're at the base of the mountain, and there are some simple ones that go like 'vwooosh - poot' and then some more loopy, swirly ones for the braver people that go like 'nyeeeeerm! - FWOOSH -ka- eeeeeeerk!'.

They're easy to get to. Just follow the river to where it joins the mountains, and there's a whole tangle'a slides them. Plus some rock spars I made for climbing and gymnastics and stuff. Man, it was tiring... but hopefully it'll be something fun for you guys to do since everyone seems so mopey and inactive.

You have to get out there and go! Go! Go! The situation may suck, but this world is really beautiful, even if it isn't mine. Oh, and the slides are free for everyone, and it's not like you need to ask me or anything - they're public property now.

[[OOC: I checked with the mods, and yes, there are slides now. The slides are a part of the terrain and will remain until something knocks them down, even if Aang is Mallynapped or dropped. So...there's one more thing for your characters to go awkwardly mingle on, yeah? ♥]]

[Voice Post] - #5 Blah, blah, blah...

At the temple, the monks taught us to try to be honest in all of our dealings, because secrets were like an infected wound that would only grow worse with time, but now I'm starting to see the advantage of keeping some things to yourself. Sure, a lot of times when I don't tell people the truth, it backfires - but there were lots of times when I had to pretend that I wasn't the Avatar, and that's technically a kind of a lie, and if I hadn't done that I'd have just been captured by the Fire Nation or killed, and then I wouldn't have been around when the comet came to defeat Ozai.

And anyway, this event may seem harmless compared to a fake apocalypse, but isn't it kind of invasive? People shouldn't keep secrets from each other, but they shouldn't be forced to tell the truth, either. Sometimes the truth is just embarrassing!

I wonder what this would be like for Toph's feet? She can feel when people are lying, and people usually lie about things all the time - not necessarily bad things, sometimes it's as simple as "Hey, your hair looks silly" or "Hey, I wanted to sit next to her, jerk," or "Sure, I like that thing you like even though I really don't," but they're always doing it and she's always feeling it, so I bet it would be really weird to walk around a place as big as this and have NO LIES anywhere.

Oh, well. The timing's kind of inconvenient, I guess, because I was going to tell Katara about how we defeated Ozai and she took down Azula and Zuko became Fire Lord, but now I'll have to wait until all this is over or I'll wind up just blurting it out in some thoughtless way. Most of it's good news - like how well she and Zuko get along now - although that made me kind of jealous at first, and that stupid play didn't help any, having them all kissy in Ba Sing Se.... stupid play. Then again, you can't take that too seriously, because I had BOOBS and they made Toph a guy and they even had Zuko's scar on the wrong side - I mean, he's your prince, how can you get something that big wrong? Not that his scar is big - it is, but I meant the detail, the detail was big, they must've been paying, like, no attention at all. AND I DON'T HAVE BOOBS. I don't even look like I have boobs!

If I did, it might be kind of fun, but I don't, so it was completely inaccurate.

Anyway, I can't decide whether or not I should tell Katara about confronting the guy that killed their mom... I'm still really proud of her, but it might be hard for her to hear knowing she can't do anything about it now. Plus there's the fact that when we go back to our world we forget everything.

And should I tell her that she became my girlfriend, after all? I don't know... that's kind of an awkward thing to talk about, because from what I understand the last thing she remembers is the failed invasion, and even though I kissed her then I know that she was confused afterwards... I wish I could have known before I faced Ozai, because it was kind of hard facing him and not knowing how she felt, it made it scarier, but...

Man, I could really use another meeting with the lionturtle right now. Oh well.

[Mixed Post][Voice & Action]

You know, everyone always sounds so bored around here....


Who's with me? We could each make something from our homeworld, like a food or a picture or something, and we could play different games, and...

Hey, now that my bending's stronger, I bet I could...

[Cue a quiet 'ooo' and then a clamor as Aang hops off of the fence he was sitting on with a visible 'poof' of air, snatching his journal before it has a chance to fall and stuffing it under his arm. He's off and running before anyone has a chance to stop him, heading for the river - anyone in his path (which will include the edges of town and then the woods), feel free to try and intercept him, but be prepared to be fast -- as soon as he reaches the river, he's waterbending a surfboard out of ice and shooting upstream towards the mountains at full speed. Which, for Aang, is... a very full speed indeed. >.>; ]

[Voice Post] - #4 Chaos

Does anyone know what's going on? I can't keep up with the journal, the information is coming too fast. It sounds like everything's falling apart. I can feel it.... my bending is back... and the Avatar spirit, too. And this red sky, it's like the comet all over again, only at least with the comet, I knew what I was fighting.

Katara, is your bending stronger, too?

[Written Post] - #3 Introductions

Let's see, I don't know if I'm doing this right... these books are really strange! I've been trying to follow what's going on, but it's hard, it seems like there's always a new voice or some new writing. There must be a lot more people here than I first thought.

Anyway, my name is Aang, and I'm new here - I woke up in one of the bedrooms about a week ago. It's nice to meet you all. I met a really nice boy named Kamui, and he said most of the people here are really nice and that he's made a lot of friends, so I hope that we'll get along well, too.

I have to ask, though... my friend Katara is here somewhere. I thought she said that she was at the tea shop, but I can't find her - has anyone seen her? She's about my age, maybe a little older, and she's really pretty. She has blue eyes, and long brown hair, and she might be wearing it in hair loopies. I don't know if she'll see this letter, since she might have her book closed, wherever she is. If anyone could help me find her I'd be very grateful, it's really important.

And I guess, Katara - if you're reading this - where are you? I'm trying not to get too worried, but between what you told me about this place and our group's luck, I'd feel better if I knew where you were. The tea shop was empty. Is there more than one?

Oh, and Kamui, if you're reading this, thanks for helping me when I was lost! If there's any way I can repay you, please let me know.

Yeah, I guess that's it. So.... yeah.

[Action Post] - #2 Exploring

[Aang is wandering around the village on his way to the tea shop to see Katara; he isn't really rushing, since he is unaware of any imminent threat. He's still wearing only the pair of pants that he woke up in and he carries his journal close to his chest, occasionally consulting it with a bewildered expression.]

Tea shop, tea shop...

[He gives a little sigh in exasperation, looking at the buildings around him.] I guess I should've asked her what it was called.

[[OOC: Please feel free to help - or pester - the lost little Avatar. He's in for an unpleasant surprise once he actually finds the tea shop since Katara's been kidnapped.]]


Nngh... wha...... hello? Guys? Momo...?

 [Aang has 'spawned' in an empty room on the topmost floor of Community Building 4, and is currently sitting upright on the bed, a little woozy. Calling out for his friends prompted the journal to helpfully start recording - unknown to him, of course. He'll be in for a surprise when little voices start coming from it.]

Okay, this isn't funny. Who changed my pants? [He stands up on wobbly legs and takes a moment to inspect his surroundings and to stretch - which calls his attention to the added appendages on his shoulders.]

AAAHHHH---! What did- who- how are---?! Wait. Okay, be reasonable. Obviously I'm dreaming. Just a dream.

[Unsteady little laugh.]  Right - just a dream. Make the best of it.

...I wonder if... [He crosses the room and opens the window, leaning out over the windowsill and looking around.] ...maybe it's a flying dream!